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Get Your Bounce On: Boingyz

DJ.Me.K - Boingyz DD (Live from The Lookout)

Here is a funky 40+ track, 1hr mixtape I recorded live featuring the best indie-electronic, electro, mashups, hip hop, dubstep & trap from the winter. Hope you kick it on your next workout or day around the house, but really this is for partying!

Dj.Me.K - Boingyz DD (live set) by Jamiek on Mixcloud

The Rub's History Of Hip Hop Mixtapes

JamieK.ca is proud to present The Rub's History Of Hip-Hop

This is the growing collection of The Rub's History of Hip-Hop. Each mixtape is an homage to it's year of Hip Hop with over 90 songs and 2 hours of continuous #1 jams. These tapes will blow you away as you'll recognize hit after hit, your favourite artists and you'll be singing these hooks for days! (Again!)            Peep them al HERE

The Canadian Mixtape

DJ M-Rock - Canadian Mixtape

M-Rock made this mix for the George Strombolopolopolous Canada Day 2012 show. Enjoy this mix of everything Canadian, with a wide range of genres, mashed up over each other. Tom Cochrane over Drake, Bryan Adams over K-os, Avril Lavigne over Ghetto Concept, Kardinal over Parachute Club, and more! It's awesome to hear a representation of just how musicaly talented this country is from producers to artists.

The Best of Michael Jackson

DJ M-Rock - The Best of Michael Jackson

M-Rock has done it again, but this time it was a real passion project for him (& GREAT news for us!). As a lifetime fan of everything Michael Jackson, M-Rock has invested insane time and finesse producing this 3 hour tribute tape which includes all new remixes that he has created. It's absolutely incredible, getting over 2,500 downloads in it's first few hours. You'll recognize, know or love every track on this gem. Put your studded glove on & enjoy!

Download DJ M-Rock The Best of Michael Jackson

The Best of 2pac

DJ M-Rock - The Best of 2Pac

Here's a treat from JamieK.ca for all those Tupac, 2Pac, Pac, Makaveli, West-Coast overdose, Cali FO Life fans! DJ M-Rock has ripped out another heater of a mixtape showcasing his interpretation of the best of 2Pac. The mix features tracks, freestyles, collaborations and productions of this music legend, and don't get it wrong, Pac is a legend. Selling over 75million records before his demise in 1996 we can only guess at what the career of this artist could have been. Enjoy!

House your body!

"We Don't Always Have to Bang..." is a grade A House mixtape from DJ MDRN<3. If you were anywhere near or in the House scene in the 90's you'll love this throwback mix. Starting off with a deep tech feel this mix progresses into a funky power house boogie monster. Solid vibes packed with vintage vocals, fans of House music need only apply.

Download DJ MDRN<3 wedontalwayshavetobang

The Best of the Beastie Boys

Four days after the passing of Beastie Boy's Adam "MCA"Yauch, my favourite mixmaster DJ M-Rock released a sick mixtape/passion product in memory of.
This is a must-have for any B.B. fan or someone who's hearing them for the first time. Press play and let it take you back to 1986 and beyond. Body movin' we body movin'...

The Best of the Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie Babeh! You would have heard me drop samples from Toronto's DJ M-Rock at my latest gig @Wiserhood for Dillons 30th Bash.
His mixtape "The Best of Notorious B.I.G." is a gift to the EastCoast Overdose fans. Truely, this is a timeless masterpiece imo. Listen here and enjpoy the free download

Classic Rock - Weekend Gold

A JamieK.ca exclusive, these Classic rock mixes are produced by DJK and represents classic rock from the 50's to its glory days. You will LOVE these mixes and they're just in time to rock you into your summer.

These will see you through some amazing car rides, cruises on the boat, doing your chores or anything else you plan on. Truely for everyone, (and your 'rents will love you for it).

Download DJK Classic Rock 1

Download DJK Classic Rock 2

Download DJK Classic Rock 1

Download DJK Classic Rock 4

The best of Jay-Z

Produced by the uncomparable DJ M-Rock "The Best of Jay-Z" features his meteorical rise from 1991 to his last album "Watch the Throne" with Kenny West.

Almost anyone, girl/guy 18-40 years old can rap along with this entire tape cause sheeyit, it's the best of Jay-Z biggie-babeh!

The best of A Tribe Called Quest

If you could bottle up 1990 hip-hop entrepreneurial perfection, digest and shit gold, this is it. What else do you need me to say? DJ M-Rock gold... the booty... if you got one 'yer shakin it!

The best of Kanye West

Hate him or Love him, Kanye's got more game than Jordan right now. This "best of" is produced by none other than DJ M-Rock and imo may be one of his best. It's not just Kanye tracks, it samples beats he produced, features and samples from tracks he has callabo'd on.

This is one for everyone.

Keys over Kanye

Staying on that Kanye tip, we take a smooth baby-making adventure listening to DJ M-Rock's "Keys over Kanye" mixtape. This is a creative mix featuring the best 'Ye beats with Alicia Keys unreal talent.

Very fun, everyone will love. (Can you keep up for 35mins?)


JamieK.ca is back baby! #OYPMB


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